Simply send a message below and we can start designing your bespoke jewellery!

A customised piece can be created from an idea already on your mind , a general theme you have planned for your day or simply around a flower you like.

Bespoke doesn’t need to be complicated or out of reach budget wise. Here are some good tips to help you decide if making your own custom piece is for you.

  • Find someone whose style you are drawn to before you begin as this means your styles will most likely already be on the same page and the design process is straightforward. If you already love what they make, they will surely make the piece you would also love

  • It can help to have a think about your desired look on the day, gather a mood board of ideas that will inspire the design such as pictures of bouquets you like, trends, bridesmaid dresses or wedding dress patterns. It may sound strange, but maybe close your eyes & visualise how you want to feel on the day, it’s amazing what ideas I come up with when I shut everything else out of my mind.

  • Budgets. A budget is there for a reason so it’s important to stay within yours & it’s also understandable that these differ from wedding to wedding. A general idea for bespoke prices is to find something similar on the website and a personalised piece would be additional time & materials so this will be factored by the designer to ensure you are quoted fairly. 

  • Team Bride. Bespoke makes are a great way to tie in your theme to Bridesmaids, MOH, Flower girls or even Mother of the Bride.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions about custom orders, do get in touch with whatever information you have.

Each piece is designed with thought and meticulously made using the finest materials including gold filled or sterling silver wires. We treat each item  as if it were the first, with the same excitement & enthusiasm to deliver an incredible piece just for you.