Frequently asked questions

How do I care for my jewellery?
We provide a care card within each order.

Can I request a custom/ personalised order?
It is possible to produce items that are EVEN more unique to you. Please see our custom order page!

Can I stock your jewellery?
We are able to supply to bridal stores or other outlets. Please contact directly to discuss.

What is the quality of your wire used?
Gold/ Rose Gold Filled & Sterling Silver wire

Gold fill is a layer of gold physically bonded by heat and pressure to another layer of metal normally brass, using one or more sheets of solid gold (14K, 12K, 18K, etc). Gold fill is usually referred to by numbers i.e. 14/20 or 12/20. The first number is the carat of the gold layer, the second refers to the amount by weight of the gold in relation to the base layer. In these examples the gold layer is 1/20th or 5% by weight.

It is important to note that gold filled wire can still tarnish over time, particularly when exposed to chemicals such as perfumes or creams, however when cared for correctly this material is considered longer lasting than gold plated metals and is a quality alternative to real gold.

We use 925 Sterling silver supplied by reputable certified UK suppliers.

Please contact us with any allergen information you require. We can source the necessary details from our suppliers.
What is the quality of your beads used?
We use a variety of genuine Freshwater Pearls Czech glass, Precious, Estella & Swarovski Pearls and Beads

These are supplied by certified UK suppliers. Details available on request.

What resin is used?
We use a specialised resin which is a bio-based epoxy considered more socially responsible than standard resin but with the same quality finish.

What pigments are used?
We use eco friendly, vegan, naturally sourced and cruelty free pigment powders supplied by certified UK suppliers where possible. Some designs contain opaque/matt pigments that are not currently naturally sourced. Details available upon request.

What is your refund or exchange policy?
In the first instance, please do contact us should you have any issues with your order and we will endeavour to resolve this with you to ensure you are happy with your purchase.

Please see our shop policies regarding refunds or exchanges.

What colours are available?
Almost any. Due to the handmade nature of the designs, we are able to meet most requests for different colour variations. Please message us with your colour theme - however unusual - and we will see what we can do for you!

How long will it take to make and send my purchase?
Where items are made to order, please see each listing as times can vary. These are unique orders meaning we make each one once the order is placed.

If you do need your purchase sooner, please do contact us with your required date to see if your order can be fast tracked before ordering.